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Five Crazy Dishes to Try in Dallas Right Now

The poke doughnut at the new Poke Bop is one of those kooky hybrid foods that Instagrammers love to love.
The poke doughnut at the new Poke Bop is one of those kooky hybrid foods that Instagrammers love to love. Kevin Marple
Make those calories count this weekend by eating outside the box with one of these curious creations available around DFW.

Susie Oszustowicz
Susie Oszustowicz
Chicken and Doughnuts at Fat Chicken
3011 Gulden Lane
At Trinity Groves' latest spot — another in Dallas' long line of homages to the almighty chicken — diners love the Southern-inspired cocktails, pie cart and Fat Chicken's take on chicken and waffles: fried chicken served with fresh doughnuts.

Eat at your own risk. Or just split it with every table around you.
Sara Kerens
The Triple-Meat Cheeseburger at Wingfield’s Breakfast and Burger
2615 S. Beckley Ave.
If you're gonna go, go all the way — just don't hurt yourself while tackling Wingfield's triple cheeseburger.

It looks crazy, but trust us: the Sunrise is a great way to start the day.
Beth Rankin
The Sunrise at Local Press + Brew
1605 N. Beckley Ave.
Espresso, fresh orange juice and ice may not sound like three things that belong in the same glass, but Local Press' Sunrise is shockingly delicious and delivers a caffeinated boost that'll get you through even the cloudiest morning.

Chicken Moto's Texas-Korea fusion is most apparent in the elotes, made with Korean pepper-spiced mayonnaise and cotija cheese.
Taylor Danser
The Korean Elotes at Chicken Moto
2069 N. Central Expressway, Richardson
The team behind Bbbop took their most popular dish — Korean fried chicken — and opened a Richardson restaurant based around the sweet fried morsels. The Korean-Southern fusion spot has fun touches like Korean elotes and kimchi queso.

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Poke Bop is all about that Instagram life.
Kevin Marple
The Poke Doughnut at Poke Bop
4103 Lemmon Ave.
At Poke Bop, a new Oak Lawn restaurant designed "with Instagram in mind," you can try a typical poke bowl or opt for a (currently off-menu but still available) poke doughnut, where a circular base of rice is topped with vegetables, raw fish and seasoning.
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