Mario Sabino's Off-Menu Pork Tamales Guaranteed to Please

A few years back, Mario Alfano and Sabino Valle took the old Casa Blanca space on Lemmon Ave. and transformed it into Mario Sabino's Mexican & Salvadoran Restaurant. Upon entering the first set of doors, we were greeted by a giant dry-erase board that read "Try our new strawberry swirl margarita, $5", and proceeded into the main restaurant. We then checked out the menu, which was primarily Salvadorian food with a few twists and turns and shamelessly resembled that of another local Salvadorian restaurant, but that's a different story altogether.

​After receiving a bowl of chips, some dips, and the off-menu strawberry swirl margarita, we noticed another dry-erase board toward the front of the restaurant, boasting of pork tamales. We asked our server if the pork tamales could only be ordered today, and she told us that they could whip them up whenever somebody wanted them. We went ahead and ordered them. The plate came out with two sizeable pork tamales, rice, and beans, all of which was smothered in chile con carne. Perfect.

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