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McDonald's Tests New Concept in North Texas

A new McDonald's concept has been created for to-go and delivery orders.
A new McDonald's concept has been created for to-go and delivery orders. McDonald's
White Settlement just outside of Fort Worth is the frontier of burger innovation.

McDonald's revolutionized the American fast-food industry with its innovative design and rapid service. Now, the company is looking toward the future with a brand-new concept focused on mobile orders and drive-thru customers.

The new restaurant has two drive-thru lanes: one for traditional ordering and one for mobile and online orders. If you’ve ever been stuck behind a family ordering a dozen Happy Meals (three with no pickles, one with no ketchup, etc.), you can understand the convenience of a dedicated order-ahead window. Like something out of Star Trek, the order-ahead lane uses your location to time your order and delivers it to your car on a conveyor belt.

“At McDonald’s, we’ve been setting the standard for Drive Thrus [their caps] for more than 45 years,” Max Carmona, senior director of global design and restaurant development for the company wrote in an announcement. “As our customers' needs continue to change, we are committed to finding new ways to serve them faster and easier than ever before.”

Inside, you won’t find traditional tables and chairs, much less a PlayPlace for kids. This location is specifically for people who want to enjoy their meals on the go or at home. A special entrance invites delivery drivers to grab pick-up orders.

With the rise of delivery services like DoorDash, Grubhub and UberEats, this new model exemplifies how these services may begin to alter the architecture of physical restaurant locations. Customers can still walk inside to order, but instead of interacting with an employee, they'll order at a kiosk and wait to take their food to go.

Parking spots designated for curbside pickup and delivery drivers surround the restaurant.

More of these restaurant concepts could pop up in the future, but for now, the company is testing out the White Settlement location to gauge its potential as a next step in the company’s future.

The new restaurant is open at 8540 W. Freeway, White Settlement.
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