My Worst Food Photos of 2015

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I can't wrap up my final year at the Observer without one last look at my worst in food photography. While all of those other food blogs focus on drool-worthy food porn captured with high-end cameras and lovingly fawned over in Photoshop, I take one post a year to focus on the images I capture with an iPhone with a smudged lens. Here are this year's worst of the worst.

Grilled blueberry muffin at Nick's in LA (pictured above)
This casual diner takes their muffins to the next level by slicing them in half and searing them on a flat grill with a serious dose of butter. The results look like a train-wreck, but I've consistently recommended that all muffins be grilled ever since.
Natto at Mr. Max
Natto never looks picturesque, but this half-eaten bowl I forgot to capture when it first landed on my table at Mr. Max didn't stand a chance. Sometimes you're just too excited to tear into a bowl of beans that taste like horses smell.

Caesar at Louie's
During a visit to Louie's I got the idea that I'd write a love letter to the classic Caesar salad. The next morning I took a look at the photo and changed my mind.

The space once occupied by an ice cream cone at Melt
I often forget to snap a picture until I'm a few bites into a dish, but this summer I let things go way too far. This was an ice cream cone I purchased at Melt.

Duck Bone soup at Mr. Wok
When you've finished wrapping slices of roast duck in pancakes at Mr. Wok in Plano, you can request the bones as a stir-fry or soup. With Thanksgiving only a few days past, we all know that picked over bird frames are never attractive. They do however, make a delicious soup.

Ethiopian pasti at Lalibela
Lalibela is the only Ethiopian restaurant I've ever visited that serves dessert. On a recent visit I attempted to get a photo that might best one I took a few years back. I failed.

Pastor tacos at El Rincon
I'm putting the blame for this photo on the taquero responsible for plating these tacos.

Grilled cheese at Grilled Cheese Parlour in Marfa (The lights got in my eyes. Swear.)
Lighting takes most of the blame for the problems with this grilled cheese photo, but the interesting plating at the Grilled Cheese Parlour in Marfa made this shot even more difficult. Yes, that's AstroTurf.

Pulled pork at Back Home BBQ
When Back Home BBQ first opened, they packaged my smoked meats for takeout, even though I was dining in. I tried to get a shot of the pulled pork for my notes, and the results were decidedly uninspired.

Tacos at Quesa
Further proof that aluminum foil is the worst backdrop for food photography. These tacos I ordered at Quesa in Oak Lawn were delicious and made use of freshly made tortillas. This photo did them no justice.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.