Eat This

Puppy Love: Praise for Shuck 'N Jive's Cornmeal Treats

Some of you may remember the day when hush puppies were featured at many of the seafood places such as Zuider Zee, H Salt Fish and Chips, Arthur Treachers and Captain D's. Perhaps you shed a tear when they were taken off the menu at Red Lobster (to be replaced by the Cheddar Bay Biscuits). Well, you can still get your hush puppy fix at Shuck 'N Jive, where the little fried corn balls are crispy outside, moist and tender inside, with just a touch of jalapeño. Allegedly named by old Southern cooks or Civil War soldiers who fed them to the dogs to keep them quiet ("Hesh, you puppies!!"), Shuck 'N Jive's pups are good enough to make you want to shut up and eat.

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Chris Meesey