Pyramid Restaurant's Garden Isn't Just For the Bees Anymore

If I had one complaint about Pyramid Restaurant when I reviewed it earlier this summer, it was the setting.

"While Pyramid's menu offers a few exquisite dishes, the restaurant still hasn't transcended its surroundings," I wrote. "The dining room, with its bank office chairs and area rug, is perpetually a quick turn away from coffee and continental breakfast service."

Well, The Fairmont Dallas seems to have solved that problem.

For diners who are distracted by the conservative hotel décor, there's now an al fresco dining option. If you're willing to ante up $95 per person for a seven-course tasting menu - and a $100 private dining fee for a party of two - you can eat in the rooftop garden where chef Andre Natera grows his basil, rosemary and tarragon.

Only one table fits in the 3000-square foot garden, so diners share the space with just Natera's plants and honeybees. And if that's not sufficiently romantic, a release touts the "backdrop of some of the city's most prominent buildings, telling a story of power and strength often associated with downtown Dallas."

Here's the fine print: Wine pairings cost $40 extra. Reservations, accompanied by a $50 non-refundable fee, must be made two days in advance. And if it's too hot, too cold or too rainy, the garden is closed (although the beet, mango and local goat cheese salad probably tastes almost as good indoors.)

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