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Steel City Is Opening a New Garland Location, and We're Already Afraid of the Line

Steel City Pops will open its third location in the DFW area, this time in Garland's Firewheel Town Center. Vending and logistics manager David Pressley says he hopes the storefront will be open sometime in June, just in time for the peak summer heat.

Customers who enjoy watching the pops being made behind the glass at the Dallas location should note that there will be no production at this new location. The Garland Steel City Pops will only serve as a sales counter, with a menu that closely mirrors Dallas' location. 

If you're a popsicle curmudgeon who grumbles at sidewalk stains from dripping pops and long lines that impede foot traffic, you really ought to try another frozen treat. Might I suggest the sour cherry, pictured above, or the green tea with mint and orange, which is uncommonly refreshing? You should also know that the facilities folks at Firewheel Town Center will be pressure-treating the sidewalks daily, to keep unsightly, sugary stains from the concrete.

As for the line, it may be a little harder to deal with. The pictures below depict probable line lengths and flows for Garland's Steel City Pops for the duration of the summer season. Regular demand should cause a line to snake out of the complex on Town Center Boulevard where it will terminate somewhere along Firewheel Parkway. During times of peak demand, however, the line could reach lengths that place waiting Steel City Fans in neighboring Rowlett.

A perfect storm of daily triple-digit temperatures, daisy chained birthday parties and other, yet to be identified sources of demand could cause unprecedented lines to form. In this scenario, which is unlikely but fully possible, the line reaches all the way to Houston, where it turns at the coast and snakes all the way to Costa Rica. If you should find a line like this unreasonable, you likely have yet to try a Steel City Pop for yourself. The lines are crazy for a reason.

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