Texaco: Fill Up With Gas--From the Tacos, Not Petrol

Ever been to a gas station and thought, "Know what this gas station needs: tacos 'n' shit." Well, the Texaco on Inwood Road and Stemmons Freeway will make all your gas station/taco stand dreams come true. Sure, there are some things about this taco stand that might make you nervous: 1) It's a walk-up window in a Texaco gas station. 2) The "restaurant" has no actual name unless you count the signs that scream "TACOS" and "ABIERTO 24 HRS" as name options. 3) Seriously, it's a taco stand. In a gas station. 4) It has no address or phone number on Google. Go ahead—Street View this intersection and see for yourself. This taco stand is possibly so questionable that Google Maps won't even go there.

Or may I submit to you that maybe—just maybe—this taco stand makes tacos that are so yummified that Google Maps is trying to keep it a secret. That's right: Google conspiracy.

At Abierto's (I'm calling it Abierto's now. The Taco Stand in The Texaco at Inwood and Stemmons Freeway seemed too wordy), get The Special. That's three tacos of your choice (I had chicken, al pastor and barbacoa, but there's beef tongue if you're up for it) plus rice and beans. Ask the guy at the window if they have drinks there, and he will look at you like you're a complete waste of gringo and say, "Naw." Then he'll point to the convenience store next door, and he'll hope that you can connect the dots. I connected them into a fountain Coke and sipped it like an idiot until my tacos were ready.



Texaco Inwood Road and North Stemmons Freeway

Employees of Texaco working in this taco stand count: 2 Percent hooker-y that I felt waiting outside a gas station taco stand for my tacos: 30

The whole taco shebang was present in my Styrofoam container: the three tacos, rice and beans, plus a jalapeño, limes, cilantro, raw and sautéed onions and a container of green sauce and one of red sauce too. I poured the green stuff (effin' hot, by the way) on my al pastor taco, limed and cilantro-ed it up, and with that first bite I sent my taste buds on a direct flight to Awesome. And there were still two tacos left. Win.

Honestly, I really hope with all of my hopes that you can't find Abierto's or are too scared by my mention of beef tongue (BEEF TONGUE!! TONGUE OF BEEEEF!!!) to try Abierto's so that I won't have to wait in line next time I go. Which will be tomorrow.

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