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The Best Salsas in Dallas: Readers' Picks

A seemingly innocuous question posted on the Dallas Observer's Facebook page this week drew more than 100 comments fast. "Where are your favorite chips and salsa in Dallas?" asked web editor Nick Rallo (he says it was for a friend).

Had he asked me I might have sent him to Restaurant Y Taquería Cristina on Webb Chapel Road. Their fiery green salsas made from freshly roasted chiles are a force to be reckoned with and a reminder that not all salsas are created equal.

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Of course, "favorite" is subjective. While not all salsas made with chiles are spicy, other people may still prefer versions that lean more heavily on tomatoes. These are the salsa's you'll find in most of the Tex-Mex restaurants around Dallas.

The verde salsa served from a squeeze bottle at La Banqueta may be one of the greatest condiments made in Dallas, but it lacks the acrid character of the roja version that goes so well with the sweet pastor tacos. I often end up using them both.

Here are some of the other favorites from Facebook ...

Leslie Hurst touts Chuy's on McKinney and Knox. In her short, stocatta phrasing their salsa is To. Die. For.

Marlo Georgette Escamilla shames all of Dallas before throwing us a bone saying ...

Nothing in Dallas compares to Fort Worth places but the best chips and salsa goes to Maximo's by the Galleria. Homemade chips and pineapple mango salsa.

Melissa Farina voted for Javier's, but I still think it tastes like the sauce that SpaghettiOs swim in.

Allan Vela chose Taco Diner -- they keep the chips coming and they offer two salsas.

El Fenix got tons of votes, as did Matt's and Mia's. But do all these chains really serve the best salsa?

Christian Harris might say it best. She's also got me on the lookout for some off-the-beaten path Tex-Mex to the west.

La Familia off Fock St. In Fort Worth. Worth the drive and all the chain restaurants mentioned above have nothing on Fort Worth Tex-Mex

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