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The Box: We Gave Lockhart Smokehouse a Box of Crap and They Smoked It.

For this episode of The Box, we took our box of crap to Dallas Lockhart Smokehouse. Spoiler alert: It ended well.

The Challenge: Create two delicious dishes using each of the ridiculous ingredients in The Box. You must smoke five of the nine ingredients, and each dish must include at least one of the smoked ingredients.

The Target: The pitmasters of Dallas Lockhart Smokehouse.

"We smoked everything but the Red Bull," Will Fleischman's beard said to us.

"How'd you like that Smoked Flavor String Cheese?" Alice asked.

"That stuff is weird. Thanks for that," Will's Beard replied.

The Video, in Which Will Fleischman Explains How He Smoked Everything:

Up next, Our Review of The Dishes...

The first had a smile of Pop Rocks. Will proceeded to pour the Red Bull reduction vinaigrette (what's in that fancy-ass spoon) over the Pop Rocks, which crackled like that cereal you know. The tenderloin was mustard rubbed, Pop Rock-encrusted and smoked. The watermelon rind slaw (with jalapeño, habanero, red onion and ramen) had bacon in it and was smoked. The croquettes were deep fried, filled with bacon, and encrusted with "string cheese and dry ramen" and was smoked.

Now, let's all pause for a moment and realize Lockhart smoked the ramen.

OK, then there was the dessert.

This was the Mango Mint Cobbler, with Silly Circle topping. It had Red Bull Chantilly Cream. I asked Will if he'd ever said those words before. He said: "No." It was like a cobbler that you want at a Rangers game with your Dad when you were 12. Sweet, but not overwhelming. And hell, that Red Bull Chantilly Cream was pretty much The Awesome.

Did we mention there was a drink?

"Then, rim it with Pop Rocks." When Will's Beard said these words, we knew that bringing The Box to Lockhart Smokehouse had been the right decision.

Thanks for smoking The Box, Dallas Lockhart Smokehouse. And Will's Beard: never change. LYLAS.

P.S. We also found this in the fridge at Lockhart Smokehouse. Pretty sure it's going to end up in the next The Box.

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