The Scoop on Sprinkles Ice Cream (Photos)

When a brand spanking new doughnut shop and ice cream parlor both open on the same day, it makes for interesting times here in Big D. Last Friday while Glazed Donut Works in Deep Ellum posted a sign that they were already sold out just two hours after opening, another line was forming to get an early look at the new Sprinkles Ice Cream Parlor next to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Preston Center.

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Recently we learned a bit about the intricacies of building better ice cream. Particularly, the base -- the bones, the fundamentals, the broth for soup. Turns out the State of Texas has an ice-cream patrol and they promote some interesting standards for ice cream makers. In short, either buy a pre-made base or buy a $15,000 machine that pasteurizes already-pasteurized ingredients. Yeah, we don't really understand it either.

So, when Sprinkles issued a press release that their base is made with organic milk that is slow churned to allow less air into the cream, producing a denser scoop, I was skeptical. I'll forever be an ice cream skeptic now.

Alas, Nicole Schwartz with Sprinkles has assured us their base is legit.

"I'm not sure about this specific requirement from the state of Texas," wrote Schwartz in an email, "but I do know that making ice cream base from scratch does require adherence to very stringent rules. At Sprinkles, we do make our own ice cream base 100% from scratch. (...) We have a dedicated ice cream kitchen behind the parlor with floor to ceiling washable tile and the whole nine yards."

Nine yards probably isn't a cement mixer, but rather a pasturizer and ice cream maker.

"All the ice cream served at Sprinkles Ice Cream in Dallas is made in Dallas with local Dallas dairy," explains Schwartz further. "The ice cream production is done literally 10 feet behind our counter."

Production aside, you're probably hankering to know if one can get cupcakes and ice cream together. Yes! They take two scoops and squeeze it between one cupcake. Or you can get the Black & White ice cream, which is available through August 31, and has sweet cream layered with chocolate cake and vanilla frosting along with dark chocolate sprinkles.

Like the cupcake business, some of the ice cream flavors switch out and others are available all the time. There are two vegan scoops: blood orange sorbet (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and strawberry sorbet (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday).

And their waffle cones are red velvet and baked fresh daily. Can't you just smell it? You should try harder if not.

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