Top Ten Moments on Last Night's Top Chef D.C. Reunion

Last night, the cast of Top Chef D.C. came back together to rehash the season with judges Gail Simmons, Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, Eric Ripert and producer/consummate reunion host Andy Cohen. 

A lot was discussed -- some interesting and some not so much -- so I'm breaking down the best of it.

10. Eric Ripert, in a button-up and jeans, answering a viewer question on how he got so good looking: "I don't know what to say, really, but sometimes I hear the comments -- which doesn't make sense to me -- and I always say, 'It doesn't help in the kitchen.'" Doesn't it though? It has to, Eric. Don't ruin the dream. It has to.

9. Amanda getting called out for using alcohol to cook for kids: She used sherry. Why? Kids love sherry! She had no real reason. Then she just deflected, further proving how annoying she is, and said the kids were loud...to which Padma responded it was probably because of the sherry. Well played, P.

8. Angelo vs. Kenny, battle for cockiest: No two Top Chef cheftestants have ever been so sure of themselves. Sometimes it was irritating, sometimes it was impressive. In last night's clip package it was hysterical: "It's a greater risk for me to be here than for you to have me on the show." - Angelo. Wow. Just, wow. "I'm the preppin' weapon, the beast in the kitchen." - Kenny, who, by the way, has that last phrase tattooed on his stomach.

7. Stephen's critiques: We all sat watching, wondering how the hell Stephen stayed so confident and yet put out such craptastic plates of food. The package featured a sampling of all the ego-shattering judges' comments such as "awful," "cat food," "What the hell is this?" "cheap," "terrible flavor," "It's just not good," "very '80s," and my personal favorite, "He's like the kid in school who's always in the principal's office." 

6. Angelo the spy: He sat and stared. He was a close-talker. He gleaned important, secret recipe information from his opponents. He spoke to himself non-stop...in foreign languages. And he gave fatal advice. Most of his fellow chefs decided he was a spy. I'm thinking the Russian girlfriend didn't help his case.

5. Stew Room games: They made an entire casino, down to the cards and dice, out of cardboard. They created a bullpen (and Angelo actually pitched a makeshift baseball through the wall). They crafted uniforms and played cardboard robot hockey? It was nothing short of impressive. (Though, not to toot our own horns, but the CoA staff could totally take them in our original events of NarroWayz, Surgical Darts and Cane Challenge.)

4. Pranks!: Pranks are awesome. Especially when you don't have to clean them up. Seeing Stephen after his balls slapped down on the plastic wrap Angelo wrapped the toilet with was bonus. Watching Alex find all his knives -- and a pineapple -- frozen, by Angelo, in a pot was exceptionally satisfying. Seeing Angelo find all of his belongings individually wrapped was genius, but not as genius as Alex finding all of his piled on his bed with the entire thing plastic wrapped. Angelo FTW. 

3. PeaGate 2010: It was revealed, for the record, that there was and is no scrap of footage showing Alex stealing or preparing pea puree. Did Alex steal Ed's pea puree? Alex swore he'd never steal from anyone and stated clearly, "I made that pea puree." Amanda said she watched him make it at the station next to her. Did Ed find her testimony convincing? Regarding said statement he asserted, "That doesn't mean anything." Tiffany didn't believe Alex. Ed didn't believe Amanda, but partially believed Alex. I still don't like Amanda. 

2. Tiffany and Ed, examined: Upon the intro to the clips package on Tiff's and Ed's "friendship," as she called it, Ed lamented, "This is great. This is good for my girlfriend." It seems the GF had some questions about Ed's affections for our T-Derr. But Tiffany's hubby just laughs it away. She said he knows who she goes home to. I'd venture to say Ed's girl still has issues about it because well, Ed seems to still have issues about it. He didn't look so hot after the footage from her wedding. She, however, looked lovely.

1. Top Chef All-Stars announced: Premiering December 1, the next season of Top Chef will feature the great competitors who just barely missed the title. Participants are Season 1, San Francisco: Stephen and Tiffani; Season 2, Los Angeles: Marcel and Elia; Season 3, Miami: Dale, area faves Casey Thompson and Tre Wilcox; Season 4, Chicago: Richard, Dale, Antonio and Spike; Season 5, New York: Fabio, Carla and Jamie; Season 6, Las Vegas: Mike I. and Jennifer; Season 7, DC: Angelo and our own Tiffany Derry. "Watch What Happens," indeed.

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