Twisted Root Burger Co. Channels Pre-Diabetic Paula Deen with Doughnut Burger

Twisted Root Burger Co. has been running a burger "special" for the month of February. Called the "If This is Wrong... I don't Want to be Right," it comes with a half-pound beef patty topped cheddar cheese, a fried egg and two strips of bacon all between two glazed doughnuts.

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Twisted Root has a penchant for creativity. You can essentially order any kind of milk shake you can think of -- rum, vanilla and bits of bacon? Yep, no problem. There is also a bevy of protein options, including beaver, buffalo, ostrich, emu, alligator and kangaroo (all subject to availability, except for buffalo, which is always on the menu).

The Paula Deen-esque bacon doughnut burger is available at all locations for $9.99, but only for one more week. I asked how many they've actually sold, and the Richardson location alone has pushed out 62 so far this month.

Just for fun, let's ballpark the calories for the doughnut burger.

Half-pound of beef: 300 1 slice of cheddar (1 ounce): 114 2 slices of bacon: 100 1 fried egg: 100 2 glazed doughnuts: 400

Just a hair over 1,000 calories. Really, there's shame in even adding that up. I'm sorry. Just had to.

If you've had this or plan on trying it, please let us know how it was before, during and after. Details are key.

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