Twitter Responds to Sen. John Cornyn's Brisket

John Cornyn insists his family's brisket recipe is the best he's ever had.
John Cornyn insists his family's brisket recipe is the best he's ever had. Bobak Ha'Eri / Wikimedia Commons
Sen. John Cornyn wasn't the only one posting pictures of food to social media on Christmas Eve.

But he might’ve been the only one to do so and attract the attention of cooks, food lovers and anyone else who appreciates meat that looks like it wasn’t overcooked and slathered in a dense ketchup.

Many people pointed to the fact that being able to do anything with a slab of brisket is tone-deaf compared to those who have far less to prepare to celebrate a holiday.

Others went the route of sharing more proper photos of brisket.

Texas Monthly barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn popped in with the jokes.

Comedian Dana Goldberg convinced us this might’ve not smelled too great.

Cornyn didn’t back down from his family tradition — on either the idea of it being tone-deaf or a sad use of meat. Dec. 26, he sent a tweet to “the sensitive types” noting his process.

Even if Twitter were ready to move on, Cornyn wasn’t, taking to the platform with #BRISKETGATE on Dec. 27.

Cornyn seems to have focused mostly on those noting how crappy the meat looked, insisting this brisket is the best he’s ever had.

Hey, maybe he hasn’t had a ton of brisket.

And on a completely random note, one can donate to the North Texas Food Bank here.
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