Wyland Chooses Land-Locked Metroplex for Sustainable Seafood Eatery

The one-named Wyland, whose renderings of marine life have graced postage stamps and 737 jets, is diving into the culinary world with a sustainable seafood restaurant in Fairview.

Wyland's Ocean Blue, an eatery-slash-gallery, is opening tonight with a menu that hews to a scientifically vetted sustainable seafood advisory list. That means certain tunas and cods won't be available, but spokeswoman Millie Sessions says "we still have scallops; we still have crab; we still have the good stuff you expect to have."

In addition to sea creatures, Ocean Blue's also serving filet mignon and roast duck.

According to Sessions, the restaurant's interior is lavishly decorated with two large fish tanks - "you don't get to pick your fish," Sessions adds sternly - and oodles of Wyland originals.

"There's millions of dollars of art on the walls," she says.

Sessions says Wyland chose to debut his restaurant in landlocked Dallas because he feels "it's an up-and-coming area."

Wyland will be in town on July 20 to celebrate Ocean Blue's grand opening.

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