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Where We Should All Be Getting Our Sushi

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Alison McLean
While the rest of America was looking elsewhere, Dallas quietly built one of the country’s finest Japanese food scenes. Direct flights to Tokyo, a thriving business scene and the recent arrival of Toyota, Honda, Fujifilm and other corporate offices have all helped concentrate a wealth of sashimi, donburi and katsu on this unlikely patch of hot, grassy flatlands.

Many of the Dallas area’s best Japanese restaurants can be traced back to one restaurant: Royal Tokyo. Employees and associates of Royal Tokyo went on to found Teppo, Tei Tei Robata Bar, Tei-An, Yutaka Sushi Bistro and Mr. Max. Only Sushi Robata seems to have an independent ancestry.

Now a newcomer has arrived, fresh from Japan and catapulting itself directly to the top tier.

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