Cowboys from Hell? More like angels!

Pantera's "Walk" Has the No. 12 Riff Of All Time

I don't even think the superfans on the Pantera message boards have seen this yet--then again, I might've just missed it among all the talk about the best Pantera songs to make love to--but here's some sweet news for all you Pantera lovers out there:

Yesterday, Idolator spread the word on a story from News Corp's British tabloid, The Sun, that announced the top 25 guitar riffs of all time, as found in a poll conducted by a UK guitar school called Guitar X. And, yep, you guessed it: The Arlington-bred Pantera made the list, checking in at a very respectable No. 12 with "Walk." Congrats, fellas! Somehow you beat out every single Angus Young and Jimmy Page riff!

I imagine this news will only help this cause.-- Pete Freedman


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