Rolling Stone Names The Old 97's' Satellite Rides One Of The Best Under-The-Radar Discs Of The '00s.

Well, we knew there'd be some debate on the matter of our Best Area Albums of the '00s list in this week's paper. We even acknowledged as much in our introduction to the piece:

No doubt we've forgotten a handful of worthy contenders; no doubt you'll call us out for including worthless pretenders. Your points will be valid: This list is bullshit. Duly noted. Absolutely agree.

So we expected a few conversations like the one we had yesterday

on our Twitter account

with a handful of

Old 97's

fans wondering why and how we could


leave off the band's 2001 release

Satellite Rides


My response? Hey, I hear ya. We talked about that record. Honest. A few times. First, when discussing the discs that might be up for consideration--and then again when the list was complete. Really? No Old 97's on here? We sure about that?

Alas, each of us involved in the selection process for this piece simply felt there were other records we enjoyed more as we looked back on the decade.

No worries, though, 97's fans, as Rolling Stone offers up some fine consolation: Just before Christmas (no wonder we didn't see this until now...), RS scribe Christian Hoard named Satellite Rides on his list of top three under-the-radar discs of the decade, crediting the disc for its appropriation of AM radio and Byrds stylings. So, y'know, there you go.

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