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15 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, November 8 to 11

ArtCon8Final from Kyle Kondas on Vimeo.

Hey Dallas, I hope you've been doing your power lunges because this Saturday requires a full-court sprint. There's a pop-up video game art arcade at CentralTrak, then that giant philanthropic art-a-palooza bash, Art Con 8, over on Dragon Street, ending off at the Dallas Observer Music Awards for an all night showcase of your absolute favorite local bands. Start eye-dropping 5 Hour Energy drinks; you're about to enter the fourth party dimension.

Be a good friend and share this list with your favorite gang of rebel rousers, then click on the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one parallel parking a unicorn.)

Thursday November 8 Fair Park Deco -- As it was revealed in 1936, the Fair Park area was a futuristic wonderland. But now, most of that cool deco stuff is gone. We have artifacts, vestige buildings that are filled with interesting stories and folklore, and until now that had to be sufficient. Two authors from Houston set out to fix that by writing a rad new book focusing on Fair Park in its heyday, during the reveal of the Texas Centennial Exposition. They're speaking tonight in the Hall of State and will present their book, filled with more than 300 photographs, and old newsreel footage from 1936. It's free.

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