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And Now a Conversation with Sharon Needles, The World's Weirdest Drag Queen Character

Black leather gets clingy in the heat and her Tammy Faye Baker tattoo is susceptible to sun damage, so you won't catch drag superstar Sharon Needles hostessing a brunch anytime soon. Dance routines involving parasols are also out of the question.

In fact, her rider includes: A coffin, pallbearers, a fog machine, Pabst Blue Ribbon and a blender, the last of which Needles uses to liquify the audience's cash tips. If you want a ballad-blurring pastel flower, look elsewhere. She's Sharon Fucking Needles.

The character's personality has taken its performer, Aaron Coady, a decade to perfect. Spending that much time living in the mind of another (albeit, fictitious) human, has resulted in a nearly Stockholm connection between inventor and muse -- although who's in charge could be debated. Coady speaks in a collective "we" regarding both his personal life and Sharon, the ditzy, gothic persona who slunk out of the shadows and won the crown on RuPaul's Drag Race, Season Four. Superficially the two exist as polar opposites. On a deeper, more exploratory emotional level, Coady and Needles are modified amplifications of one other.

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