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New Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Says She Is Engaged

But which one is she engaged to?
But which one is she engaged to? courtesy ABC

Our Dallas girl is engaged!

Sound the alarms. Tell the person in the next cubicle. Call your grandmother. The first-ever black Bachelorette and Dallas native Rachel Lindsay has found love.

ABC announced in February that Lindsay is the object of attention for the thirteenth season of "The Bachelorette." Since then, she has traveled to L.A. — and, we're sure, plenty of other places — to meet her suitors. She has fallen in love and gotten engaged, and now she is back doing press before the season premieres Monday. She even took the time to answer, sort of, a few burning questions.

"I don't know Ben and Lauren; I don't know the reasons behind the breakup." — Rachel Lindsay from "The Bachelorette"

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Will Dallas be featured as a locale on the show? We have to watch and see, she says.

Will her father, a United States district judge, be on the show? We have to watch and see, she says.

Is this really the most dramatic season ever? We have to watch and see, she says.

Former Bachelor Ben Higgins and his fiancée, Lauren Bushnell, just announced their breakup after a yearlong engagement. Did that affect Lindsay's confidence in this process at all?

We have to w ... Wait. She answered this one.

"No. I think every relationship is different," she says. "I don't know Ben and Lauren; I don't know the reasons behind the breakup. It didn't make me think a certain way about my relationship moving forward because everyone is different."

What about her pastor? We saw him on the last season of The Bachelor. Did he have any advice for her before she went on the show? "He just said, 'I've seen you grow up in the church, you have a good foundation, so just stay true to who you are. When you feel lost or troubled, don't forget to pray.'"
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