Behind the Screen at the Texas Theatre Gets a Few Laughs This Weekend

Behind the Screen at Texas Theatre returns this weekend, bundling cinema, music, and comedy. It all starts with a screening of a documentary about Saturday Night Live, Live From New York! The film is based on a book of the same name, an oral history of the series that makes for a fun read. After the film, bands will play in a spot behind the movie screen, with comedians doing standup in between sets.

With three very different acts from three cities, the musical component is eclectic. From Dallas, the always reliable, ever evolving, and very awesome surf-punk stylings of Sealion will headline the show. From Denton, Vogue Machine will toss their chilled out lo-fi synths, manufactured percussion, and swathed vocals into the mix. Out of Fort Worth, Nathan Brown, a solo artist for fifteen years, will perform his 1980s blend of loungey R&B.

This will be the first time Brown has shared a bill with his wife, comedian Tara Brown, who will perform right before him. Brown started doing comedy a couple years ago, when she had a newborn baby. She started doing open mics for a few months, but had to take a break. “It got too crazy,” she explains. “I would literally start lactating when people laughed too loud,” she says. She would run off the stage, apologizing.

But she kept at it on Twitter, with a hysterical account that now has thousands of followers. During her time off, Brown worked as a fitness coach. It was a very different world that didn’t suit her very well. “If I see one more inspirational quote I am going to kill myself,” she told herself.

Brown returned to comedy last November with jokes about being a mom and functional alcoholic. Things started happening very quickly. She has hosted open mics, a karaoke night, as well as some recent showcases. With a busy schedule, she rarely makes it out to Dallas. Brown is now starting to books shows in an effort to build up the comedy scene in Fort Worth. “It’s basically out of selfish convenience for myself,” she laughs.

Clint Werth, the man who hates comedy, is the other comedian on the bill. He will surely bring his acerbic humor along with a few surprises. A few days later on June 24, Werth will be at The Twilite Lounge in Deep Ellum hosting Comedy Nite at the Twilite. With several comedians performing, it’s a great option on a Wednesday night at one of the best bars in the city.

Behind the Screen takes place at 8:30 P.M., Saturday, June 20, at Texas Theatre, 231 W Jefferson Blvd, $10 film, $10 show, $18 bundle.
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Jeremy Hallock

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