10 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas: 2017 Edition

Thrift Giant has many locations around DFW, but our favorite is the one on Northwest Highway.
Thrift Giant has many locations around DFW, but our favorite is the one on Northwest Highway. Kate Siamro
When Macklemore and Ryan Lewis put out “Thrift Shop” in 2013, it was hard not to laugh at how over the top it was. But they were on the money. Getting the look you want can easily cost under 20 bucks at a thrift store, and Dallas has some of the most affordable and unique thrift stores anywhere, most giving back to the community.

Why spend over 100 bucks on something that looks “vintage," when you can get the real thing for five? You don’t have to have money to look fashionable; you just need to visit your local thrift stop and dig through shelves for what your grandparents wore. These are the best Dallas thrift shops to lose yourself in.

click to enlarge Genesis - KATE SIAMRO
Kate Siamro
3419 Knight St.
There are so many hidden gems in this constantly changing store, where you can purchase a little bit of Highland Park without going broke. From huge grandma chairs to an extensive men’s section full of brown oxfords, Genesis has something for everyone. All proceeds go toward Genesis Women's Shelter.

“We are very fortunate for our location, it puts us right in the heels of one of the best neighborhoods in the country, so we pull a lot from there when it comes to donations, so we have everything from Old Navy to Chanel," says Bill Bonneau, who runs the store.

If you find an item that you love – like the gold, bald eagle touch lamp we found on our visit – snatch it up. Otherwise you probably won't see it again.

click to enlarge KATE SIAMRO
Kate Siamro
Thrift Town
1516 S. Westmoreland Road
This place is headquarters for plaid flannel and oversized sweaters in unusual colors. There's also  an “after 5” section with shiny dresses. Essence Mahara, who runs an online shop where she sells thrift store finds, comes to Thrift Town frequently.

"Thrift Town is like going through the closets of all different types of women from the past 50 years," Mahara says. "They even have an international section, which is amazing ... you can find saris and pant suits and dashikis, all at half the price you would any other thrift store.”

We left this store with an intensely puke green '90s sweater for a buck. If you can’t find something to wear, they also have a very extensive coffee cup collection organized by color.

click to enlarge Thrift Giant - KATE SIAMRO
Thrift Giant
Kate Siamro
Thrift Giant
3039 W. Northwest Highway
There are many Thrift Giants around DFW, but our favorite is near Love Field Airport, which rattles its walls. We bought the most things here, after it was announced over the intercom that everything was half off.

For $5 we picked up a green, silk robe; a bright, cactus-covered Hawaiian shirt; and a black, '90s dress with daisies all over it. If you’re looking for a windbreaker, old man sweater, or tacky scorpion shirt, this should be your first stop.

Thrift Giant might seem cluttered when you first walk in, but it’s a diggers delight. The deals here are some of the best.

I personally liked the men’s section most because it had bowler shirts, city of Dallas worker jumpsuits and plaid blazers that resembled something an English, fox-hunting grandpa would wear. If you like this location, there’s an even bigger one on Harry Hines Boulevard.

click to enlarge KATE SIAMRO
Kate Siamro
Value World Thrift Store
2596 Gus Thomasson Road
When we asked around about the best thrift stores in Dallas, Value World Thrift continually came up. This store is huge and sits on the border between Garland and Dallas.

Where most places have a ton of women’s clothing, this store had one of the biggest men's sections we've ever seen, and that proved to be the main attraction. There is a wall of ties, a ton of men's business suits, and even a vest section.

But the greatest finds are the cowboy shirts. They're perfect for a jaunt to El Cosmico in Marfa.

In the women's section are a bunch of two-piece '80s and '90s outfits that look like something out of Full House. While we looked through their choir gowns, Johnny Cash started playing on the radio, and it solidified how great this store is.

click to enlarge KATE SIAMRO
Kate Siamro
Ross at Peak Thrift
4233 Ross Ave.
When we arrive at Ross at Peak Thrift, the owner is sitting out front of the store. Ray Meadows, who owns the store with his wife, says that when he goes to buy furniture it’s about quality and what fits the store. Although most of the other stores on this list specialize in clothes, you do need something to put them in – hence why this store made the list.

The Meadows have everything from wardrobes to rocking chairs. Our personal favorites are their old trunks. Why buy a trunk at some chain store when you can grab one here for half the price and it’s actually vintage?

They have rocking chairs in nearly every size, color and type of wood. If you admire quality wooden furniture and mid-century style, this is your spot. Everything is priced so well that this store flips furniture very quickly, so make sure you bring a pickup truck for your finds.

click to enlarge KATE SIAMRO
Kate Siamro
Urban Relics Resale
3927 Main St.
Urban Relics is one of the few thrift shops still within walking distance of Deep Ellum. What sticks out most about the store is that its proceeds go toward helping the homeless.

“This is a benefit store; all the proceeds from the sales of this place go toward our ministry of helping the homeless here in Dallas," says employee Lee Taylor. "The more merchandise people buy, the more people we can help – get them off the street, and help them get their lives re-established, and live the life they were intended to have."

We found a lot of fitted tops with '60s patterns, perfect to tuck into skirts. Urban Relics also has a ton of retro living room sets to choose from.

click to enlarge St. Vincent - KATE SIAMRO
St. Vincent
Kate Siamro
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift
3052 W. Northwest Highway
Here we found slippers that look like Billy Kuykendall, the drummer in Dallas band Party Static; a corner with cowboy hats for kids; and tons of high-waisted skirts and blouses perfect for wearing to your office job.

This store also has the most extensive kids section, and on Thursdays it's 40 percent off. (Each section has its own day for deals.) The kids section was organized by age, and consisted of cowboy hats, school uniforms and formal wear.

St. Vincent de Paul also gives back to the community, helping families in need through their church.

There are many locations of this thrift store, but our favorite is the one off Northwest Highway. It's near Thrift Giant, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Family Thrift Center
2338, 2430 K Ave., Plano
I’m sure some people have moms out in McKinney, Allen and Plano who enjoy thrifting, and buying and selling on eBay. The moms we know attest that Family Thrift Center is a goldmine.

You can find clothes from high-end brands here for under $5. On our visit, we found an oversized, red plaid blazer for $2.

Since this store is in a more rural part of Dallas, you can also find all of those over-the-top denim shirts with cats and holidays sewn into them; soccer parent polos; and broken-in cowboy boots you're unlikely to find at other stores closer to downtown.

The people who work at Family Thrift Center are super friendly, and the lines are never long. It's a digger spot, and not color coordinated, but if you’re looking for something to do in the suburbs, a visit to Family Thrift is just the thing.

click to enlarge KATE SIAMRO
Kate Siamro
Casa View Thrift
2303 Gus Thomasson Road
Hidden near White Rock Lake is Casa Thrift, which has the most sports jerseys, superhero shirts and intense color coordinating of any thrift store in Dallas. If you're looking for a periwinkle shirt, there’s a section for that.

“if you’re a cyclist the place has a ton of gear, bunch of jerseys and sports gear in general,” one regular shopper, Renzo Pancorvo, says.

Given Casa View Thrift's location near the lake, it's a great stop for athletic gear. It also sells oddities like a bag full of naked barbies, a huge selection of VHS and cassette tapes, and furniture that has an '80s Miami vibe.

This shop really blends into its parking lot next to Wal-Mart, so if you’re looking for a hole in the wall that isn’t heavily picked over, Casa View Thrift is a great find.

click to enlarge KATE SIAMRO
Kate Siamro
Garland Road Thrift
10030 Garland Road
Sitting across from Good Friend Packaging, Garland Road Thrift is humongous and hard not to spot. Sometimes it feels as if you have the place to yourself because there’s so much space.

The best thing about this store is its bridal section. There's an abundance of clean wedding dresses for a great price that just look like they want to be bought.

But they have everything at Garland Road Thrift: from furniture, to '90s VHS tapes and cool ashtrays. Whenever we did our digging, we found a beautiful dress from the '50s for $5, and romantic kitten heels to match for $10.

Garland Road Thrift has name brands, plus homemade outfits that really inspired us to learn to sew.

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