The 15-mile ride stopped at watering holes around town.EXPAND
The 15-mile ride stopped at watering holes around town.
Kathy Tran

Cyclists Strip Down for Underwear Bike Ride Across Dallas

Riders took off almost everything but helmets and shoes Friday for an underwear bike ride hosted by Red Star Bicycles of Dallas. More than 30 riders attended to promote body positivity, a healthy hobby and their equipment.

Riders congregated at Red Star Bicycle Shop off Parkhouse Street in the Design District before taking off. The first few who arrived early had no qualms about milling around in the middle of the road with only their skivvies on.

As members increased, inhibitions decreased. Members of the group expressed their personalities through their only article of clothing: their underpants. There were Sriracha sauce-themed boxers, American flag bikinis, Simpson’s briefs and extra-small leotards.

Red Star Bicycle's owner, Christian Garcia, said the shop's clientele is as diverse as their underwear. The only rules for participating in Friday's ride were that you had to be 18 years or older and have clean underwear without any holes.

The group is extremely open to newcomers, from hobbyists to professionals; it just wants to spread body positivity and enjoyment of biking. Rides ranged from casual beach bikes to high-end performance wheels.

The 15-mile excursion stopped at Dallas watering holes, which made exceptions in their "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policies. They group gave quite a show to passing motorists, patio diners and construction crews, eliciting honks, whistles and cheers.

Garcia hopes the event will one day be nude. “Is that even legal?” a nearby rider asked.

“I dunno, but we’ll try,” Garcia responded.

 Red Star Bicycle Shop's Facebook page has details about the next ride, usually announced a few weeks before the event. That leaves you plenty of time to wash your undergarments.

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