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Fort Worth's BlackEyed Distilling Co. Features Local Art on Vodka Bottles

Nancy Lamb's art is on a bottle of vodka.
Nancy Lamb's art is on a bottle of vodka. courtesy BlackEyed Distilling Co.

For those who love art but never get invited to a gallery opening, a trip to the local liquor store will now give you a taste of original works of art. Fort Worth-based distillery BlackEyed Distilling Co. is releasing its second limited-edition bottle featuring artwork from Fort Worth painter and sculptor Nancy Lamb.

The new specially designed image was revealed in BlackEyed Distilling Co.’s distillery tasting room Friday. The design will be on the distillery’s flagship spirit, BLK EYE Vodka, for a limited run before it’s discontinued.

BlackEyed Distilling Co.’s co-owners, Texas natives Todd Gregory and Scott Billings, first embraced the DFW art community when they commissioned painter Pat Gabriel to design their first label. The label, titled “Farm Field at Dusk,” covered the BLK EYE Vodka bottle with a landscape of sunflowers against a black and white background. The design was both a nod to the distillery’s Fort Worth roots and the artists the city represents.

“Scott and I are committed to the Fort Worth community and are excited to infuse the creativity of local artists into the spirit of BLK EYE Vodka,” Gregory says. “Nancy’s beautiful art immediately catches the eye and makes a clear statement on bar and store shelves.”

“Nancy’s beautiful art immediately catches the eye and makes a clear statement on bar and store shelves.” – Todd Gregory

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Lamb's design for the second limited-edition label, titled “Golden Girl,” features a manicured hand holding a martini in front of a black background dotted with lines of golden circles. Lamb has a diverse portfolio of painting and sculptures, with a recent focus of observational and emotionally intimate oil paintings.

“Golden Girl” was fittingly inspired by a visit to the distillery itself.

"The inspiration behind 'Golden Girl' came from a night I had at the distillery last year," Lamb says. "I've known Todd (Gregory) and his family for quite some time, so I was thrilled that they commissioned me to design the newest label for BLK EYE Vodka. When I visited the distillery, there was a young lady seated at the bar who had glowing blonde hair and the natural light was pouring through the window, bathing her in sunlight. That's how 'Golden Girl' was born."

The distribution of “Farm Field at Dusk” and “Golden Girl” on bottles throughout the DFW area allows wider exposure of art that patrons might not have otherwise seen. The continued success of the limited-edition bottles will have other artists waiting in line hoping to be picked next for the honor, but in the meantime artists like Lamb are excited to see the trend of art and local business continuing.

"The art scene in Fort Worth is booming," Lamb says. "I'm so excited BlackEyed Distilling Co. and other businesses in the community are interested in partnering with local artists to infuse our work into other industries and bolster the community as a whole."
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