Brewed to Perfection

How many years does it take for something to become a tradition? We think three is more than enough. The Dallas Observer is hosting our third annual Brew Fest in the Dallas Arts District, and let’s face it, there’s no better reason to leave your house than beer. More than 80 breweries from near and far will be handing out samples. Every ticket gets you 12 free 2-ounce samples from the vendors, and since 24 ounces of beer is never enough you can pick up more sample cards there for $2 apiece. VIP tickets get you in at 6 p.m. so for a while you can make the rounds in thinner crowds, but even if you make it at 7 p.m. with the commoners there’s nothing to fear: The weather will be cooler and it will take a lot of bottomless guts to drain all of these kegs. Tickets are $45 in advance and $55 at the gate for general admission, or $80 in advance and $90 at the gate for VIP status. Visit for more information.
Sat., Aug. 24, 2013
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Luke Darby
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