Brick House

Hey everybody, Jim Brickman is coming to town! You know, that piano guy? Good. Have fun...Hmmm, somehow that didn't clear my editor. So now I will convince you readers that this is an event not to be missed: Like Kenny G, Yanni and John Tesh, Mr. Brickman plays New Age jazz that sounds great on the Oasis and in elevators but doesn't ever really rock the house. Oh wait, I take that back. I've actually seen Yanni jam it out with the help of battling violin players. Which reminds me...I must look into that memory-erasing procedure from Vanilla Sky. Anyway, back to the Brick Man. Unlike his contemporaries, and fortunately for him, Brickman is just shy of a trademark sound that creeps into the collective subconscious and annoys the hell out of us. His elegant and simple approach to jazz and radio-friendly ballads has cast a spell strong enough to sell more than 5 million albums. And if that can't get you into his show, at the very least, he's a hottie. Even if you don't want to hear him play the piano, you certainly shouldn't mind looking. Kenny G? Not so much. Brickman's also a good sport. This show is a make-up for his sold-out December concert, which many missed due to icy weather, although Jim B. still played for the 600 fans that braved the cold December 7. See the piano man in action at Bass Performance Hall.
Wed., Jan. 11, 7:30 p.m.
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Rich Lopez