Circuit 12 Contemporary Plays with Gallery in Linescapes

The Circuit 12 Contemporary gallery is constantly in a state of flux. Of late, gallerists Gina and Dustin Orlando have taken interest in playing with environment in exhibitions. Not only have owners Gina and Dustin Orlando recently made some renovations to the space and added a fashion component, they've also made atmospheric use of their space. Recently the gallery mounted a show of Alexander DiJulio's work, Constellation Logic, in which the gallery disconnected the viewer from the outside world by having them walk a wood-planked deck into the space.

Currently to exhibit the work of street artist James M. Rizzi, Circuit 12 invited him to demonstrate his large scale work in a black and white color palette, alongside a small exhibition of framed work. Through the end of the month, visitors to the gallery find themselves immersed in his gestural mural art.

Allowing Rizzi to take over the walls demonstrates the Orlandos' creative approach to showing artists. Walking through the space, Dustin says that he's had to answer the question, "But where is his art?" He laughs and throws his arms up, "It's all around you." Certainly stepping into Circuit 12 is like being thrust into the rumbling belly of a mural. As you step fully into the gallery, the panoramic overhaul of the gallery is overwhelming.

It conflates the gallery and the art in a way that will be difficult to dismantle for the next Circuit 12 show. Mentally, that is; the gallery walls just need a few coats of white paint. And as the Orlandos are wont to do, they are shifting gears entirely and travel to the tropical spray of San Francisco artist Casey Gray -a must-see show for your September calendar (opens Sept. 6).

See below video of Linescapes' installation:

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.