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Cirque Returns With Its Big White Tent. Tickets Go On Sale April 29.

If you've been holding out for a Cirque show in The Tent, your patience is about to pay off. Cirque Du Soleil has announced that Kooza will make Dallas home to its temporary artist encampment in mid-September.

These shows differ from the stadium productions because they're customized with the tent's design at their core, while the others must be able to adapt while hopping from venue to venue. It creates a more defined, 360-degree performance where acrobats and other artists can (and do) emerge, drop or slither out of any region within the space's mysteriously absorptive walls. Think of it as the circus equivalent to IMAX 3D.

Kooza opens on September 19 and the tent will be erected at Lot E, 500 Memorial St., where it will likely stay put for some time. While the stadium runs of Cirque shows are fleeting, these productions are longer term and typically stay for weeks instead of days.

Reservations are available now for Cirque Club Members. Everyone else should hover over their computers bright and early on April 29 for their chance at Kooza tickets.

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Jamie Laughlin
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