Carrie Chan is creating 100 days of art.EXPAND
Carrie Chan is creating 100 days of art.
courtesy Carrie Chan

Dallas Watercolor Painter Carrie Chan Is Creating 100 Days of Color Swatches

Many artists refuse to confine themselves to a box. But Carrie Chan, a perfectionist by nature, math nerd and Dallas-based watercolor painter with an online shop called A Perfect Something, calculates the size and dividing lines in all her work.

Chan’s latest project is 100 days of color swatches. The idea is to explore color swatches and show their effects on paper. The project also allows her to explore her paints, and its nature means she always has a base template.

“I like to study color,” she says. “I didn’t intend for this to happen, but other people have been using my project to do the same.”

The idea for 100 days originally came from Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson’s open global art project called The 100 Day Project. Artists are encouraged to create for 100 days, starting April 3, and post each of their creations on Instagram. Chan's first 100 days were "A Perfect Something Sketchbook."

“I love the way the project pushed my creative process,” she says.

Dallas Watercolor Painter Carrie Chan Is Creating 100 Days of Color SwatchesEXPAND
courtesy Carrie Chan

Chan started her journey in watercolor painting only a year and a half ago. Watercolor evolved from brush lettering. As an artist, she gets her ideas by spending hours sketching.

“Ideas emerge. I refine those ideas and put them on watercolor paper,” she says. “Honestly, painting is the easy part.”

In October, Chan opened her online shop, allowing her to monetize her skill. You can buy original paintings, limited editions, open editions, greeting cards and a #100daysofapssketchbook.

Chan is planning to revamp her brand after the 100 days color swatch project. The brand name will no longer exist, and the shop will no longer just be a shop.

“I plan to maybe create a blog, add video and just push more content in general,” she says.

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