Dallas Has the Best Summer SunsetsEXPAND
Lauren Smart

Dallas Has the Best Summer Sunsets

A tropical climate rolled into Dallas this weekend, adding an incredible cloud cover over our mid-America urban playground. Look out a window right now and see an array of stratocumulus, nimbostratus, altostratus, and lovely little cumulus clouds. Maybe you'll even spot a rain cloud blowing in on the horizon.

Without faking substantial knowledge of meteorology, it's safe to say these unpredictable weather patterns are causing people to look up more. In addition to the clouds, Sunday saw multiple rainbows manifest between rain showers. Oh, and that sunset. 

For most residents, summers in Dallas are the bane of the calendar year. But if you grew up around these here parts, it's likely you remember the first time you looked up and saw the expansive Texas sky filled with pinks, golds, oranges, and blues. Summer sunsets are nature's paintings, they're dazzlers, and they are one of the things you miss poignantly when you move away. 

You'll never see anything like the sun setting over the skyline, or reflecting off the Trinity River. This is your friendly reminder to look up this week. 

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