CBS 11's Madison Adams Reads a Tricky Clue for Contestants on Jeopardy!

There are some honors that only a handful of local news anchors receive in their careers. A few examples: getting to stick the new kid with the live storm report when you've had one too many pops from the newsroom bar; scoring the front table at the local Emmy Awards dinner, which gets served first; and getting recognized when you're not in your on-air makeup.

But traffic reporter Madison Adams of KTVT-TV's CBS 11 News This Morning received an even rarer accolade when she was asked to provide a clue on a recent episode of the syndicated game show Jeopardy! Adams and five other regional TV anchors from around the country appeared on Monday's episode as part of a special category called "History Across America."

Anchors from Washington, D.C.; Boston; and St. Paul, Minnesota, delivered clues about key events in American history from historical sites. Adams filmed her clue at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in the ... well, if we told you where, then we'd be giving you the answer.

And if you think you know the answer, then you're doing better with this clue than the contestants who appeared on the show and had to endure Alex Trebek's wrathful "oh, sorry."

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