Five TV/Film Characters' Birthday Parties That Sound As Fun As Harry Potter's

As Intern Christina has recapped for us, Harry Potter had a 31st birthday party at Barnes & Noble Lincoln Park Sunday. Butterbeer was enjoyed and Hogwartian festivities took place that were somewhat befitting of a man 31-years-old. K, maybe not.

It got us thinking about all those characters of screens big and small from whom we've received party invitations over the past year. Those who (or whose friends) aren't afraid to milk the good old days for a good time in their older days. All the parties that could have been as fun, if not way more fun, than that of the Boy Who Lived And Should've Totally Shared His Birthday Party With Neville.

These are just a few of the shindigs we couldn't attend for geographical and various other logistical reasons, but it seems like they would've been a damn good time.

John Connor, of the Terminator franchise (above): Radio RSVPs, fucking up Skynet proper, and getting hammered at the hideout. Sounded like a blast fit for a T-1000. [Rimshot!]

Donna Martin of Beverly Hills, 90210:

OMG, we were so pissed we had to miss out on Mega Burgers, but we totally love that Kelly Taylor still teases Donna about the Child's Play clothing sketch mishap. Color Me Badd might've cause a little bit of drama, but that was to be expected. Had we been there, we would've totally recorded the hair-pulling cat fight that went down between Val and the natural Santa.

Marty McFly from the Back to the Future trilogy:

Really wanted to be able to attend and celebrate Marty what with the big film anniversary and all. Plus, we've never gotten to ride in a DeLorian. Gotta admit though, we prolly would've have had too much to drink by the time George allegedly started in with the random shouting.

Michael Scott from The Office:

Michael is a really good ice skater so watching him would've been fun (we heard he was the only one allowed on the ice for the first half hour of skate time). Plus, Meredith was said to have ordered "dick" candles instead of the suggested/requested "trick" candles, but we're pretty sure she just had those at home. Creed stole the Zamboni but it has since been recovered and charges were dropped. Dammit! If only we hadn't taken that extra job at Vance Refrigeration, we could've made it.

Samantha Baker from Sixteen Candles:

This clearly wasn't an invitation. Apparently Bryce forgot to ever send invitations out for Sam's actual birthday party due to his prepping for a local QuakeCon, so Caroline came up with this and everyone is signing it and sending on until it gets back to Sam. It got here a couple months ago and we're going to send it just as soon as we remember to get some stamps.

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