Geeks Who Drink at the Nodding Donkey: Putting All That Brain Clutter to Use

Do you know how many buttons Lamb Chop has? What actress is slated to play Pepper Pots in Iron Man 3? What about the four most common religions in India? If you can answer these questions, you should probably get thee to everyone's favorite pub quiz, Geeks Who Drink.

The national quiz, founded in Denver in 2006, has been making the rounds through various bars and restaurants in Dallas for the past couple of years. Its initial stint at the Amsterdam Bar was killed off by the wonderful mix of Texas sun and cat pee, and the quiz has weaved its way through the metroplex since, making stops at watering holes including the Barley House, Stan's Blue Note and the Texas Theatre.

It's now set up shop the Nodding Donkey (both locations) and the West End Pub. Though we we've been on hiatus for a while, my team has seen dozens of these quizzes, and we've rocked them all, so we decided it was time for a reunion tour.

So what happens when you decide to return to the world of competitive quizzing, on election night of all eves? Plenty.

We gathered half of our team (it's a six person per team max) and chose The Nodding Donkey (SMU location) for our return, where we were pleasantly surprised by the number of teams on hand. We were one of 15 teams ready to show our smarts at a pub quiz known to have categories such as Gorillas, Guerillas, & Godzilla, Enemies o' the Internet, All Hail the Arthouse King and Other Gods You Don't Worship.

Last night, quizmaster Jason Guynes hit us with some real doozies, like How to Poison Your Dog, a speed round of top-selling yummy nummy chocolate bars, Air Whoredan, an audio round wherein we remembered how cool it was to sell shit like Mike, and Typing with Captain Hook, where paying attention to your home keys from high school typing class finally paid off. We discovered that ice hockey is a Paralympics sport, Train sounds better when everything is bleeped out, and you can type "free beer" with only your left hand.

Amid election night jitters and microphone suicide, fun was had by all - and mad props to the quizmaster for working his way through a night of technical difficulties, unnecessary delays (and censorship) and sad faces from the pro-Romney crowd.

Though we didn't win last night, we did medal (3rd place), and we celebrated with the only team that stuck after the votes came in. So what about our Geeks Who Drink future at the Nodding Donkey? Check us out next week and see for yourself. Challengers welcome.

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