Here Are 16 Photos of Kids Biffing it at the Klyde Warren Park Skating Rink

As you've no doubt heard, a new "ice rink" opened at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas on Friday. Instead of ice, this 32-by-100-foot rink is made of several giant interlocking sheets of a synthetic skating surface called "Super-Glide" that fit together like puzzle pieces. Visitors with their own skates can use the rink for free. Otherwise, skate rentals cost $5 on weekdays and $10 on weekends. We arrived on Sunday afternoon, ready to capture some lunges and camel spins on camera. What transpired, while (arguably) equally entertaining, was a little bit different.

"This isn't ice," one little girl dressed in a cute, sparkly outfit yelled to her mother. "This is plastic!" Her mom, one of the few adults venturing out on the "ice" said that the surface offered more resistance than traditional rinks. So rather than gliding, inexperienced skaters kind of plopped and hobbled around. This could explain why so many kids spent more time on their butts than on their feet.

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