How the Ladies of The Real Housewives of Dallas Are Banking Off the Show

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It's been months since The Real Housewives of Dallas finished its inaugural season and we — as in the loyal fans, the people who lose sleep over this — don't know yet if there is a second season.

But while the first season's cast awaits that news, they are trying to make money any way they can. And as we sit at our desks working office jobs, we can say we are not at all happy for Brandi Redmond about her business venture selling T-shirts with "Jesus Juice" printed on them. So. Happy.

That's right. Redmond, the Dallas housewife who frequently called wine Jesus juice on the show (because Jesus turned water into wine ... do you get it?) announced via Instagram that soon she will sell wine tumblers because spilling wine in your pool is no fun. This will add to her collection of other Jesus juice-themed crap, including T-shirts, tanks and mugs.

None of this is particularly groundbreaking. The franchise's women have been cashing in on the show since Bethenny Frankel invented Skinnygirl. But what's interesting with Redmond is that Jesus juice got her in some trouble in real life. During the reunion, Redmond told executive producer Andy Cohen that her two daughters weren't asked back to their private Christian school because of their mother's behavior.

"They did not think that my behavior and the things that I was doing on the show were a good representation of the school," Redmond said during the reunion. "Me calling wine Jesus juice, in their eyes, I made a mockery of the holy sacrament."

We reached out via phone and email to Prestonwood Christian Academy after the reunion aired for a comment and heard nothing back.

But on with turning Jesus juice into career opportunities. Besides Redmond, the other RHOD ladies are also trying to stretch out their fame from the show. Stephanie Hollman has a fashion blog so she can tell readers when it's a hat day. Tiffany Hendra wants you to choose her as a media specialist. 

LeeAnne Locken is busy with sponsored Instagram posts. Cary Deuber had too much free time as a first assistant registered nurse, so she took on blogging to tell us what she wears when she goes hiking. And finally, friend to the housewives, Marie Reyes, has been busy making everyone's face nice and tight with her skincare line, RAGS II Riches.

At least if the women aren't awarded a second season, they'll always have fashion blogging to fall back on.

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