The Scoop on Boudoir Photo Prep

Your husband will thank you.
Your husband will thank you. Zoe Dennis Photography
Boudoir photo shoots, where the bride-to-be takes photos in lingerie to give as a gift her husband on their wedding day, are often added into the mix of bridal to-dos. They're perhaps seen as a bit taboo or hush-hush, but we’re talking about it.

A bride’s list stacks up with tasks and milestones to knock off leading up to the big day. And while most brides are in the best shape of their lives on their wedding days, they want photographic proof of the accomplishment.

With Dallas having no shortage of hotels in the area, we’ve rounded up the top spots for this private and specific photo shoot, and prep tips.

What hotels to choose
The typical scene for the shoot involves a clean, crisp white bed. So more often than not, a hotel room is secured. Yes, you have to pay full price for the room, even for a one-hour shoot.

We solicited advice from several Dallas-based boudoir photographers and consensus was these are top spots: The Ritz-Carlton Dallas (for the ultimate glam bride who wants a fancy vibe), The Statler (super trendy and cityscape vibes), Canopy by Hilton (new hotel in West Village that just opened and has a contemporary style).

Natural light is often the best way to go and most flattering, especially if you don’t have a chunky sweater to hide under. When booking the hotel room, but sure to request a room with lots of natural light. And keep in mind which side of the hotel you should request (depending on what time of day you’re shooting). Your photographer will be able to guide you as you’re making your hotel reservation. Also be sure to ask your photographer what kind of lighting equipment they will supply.

What to wear
Totally up to you. It’s whatever makes you feel most confident. But keep in mind that on the way to the shoot, you don’t want to wear tight clothing that could leave indentations in your skin. Ain’t no one going to think that’s boudoir-worthy. This is the time to break out the comfy sweats. Also, it’s a good idea to do your hair and makeup once you get in the hotel room, especially if you’re doing the shoot in the summer. You don’t want to show up sweaty and shiny for the experience.

What to eat before
Avoid alcohol and anything that’s going to make you feel doughy. You won’t be able to relax and feel empowered if you’re self-conscious about your thighs touching or your stomach pooching out. Drinking lots of water prior will help keep you hydrated and make your skin glow as well.

Tan lines
This one is a preference. Some people work hard for their tan lines all summer and love them. If you’ve got the lines and don’t love them, just pop over to a spray tan studio and fix it in a blink. Be sure to test out the spray tan in advance to make sure you like the color. It would be so sad if you spent money on the photos but looked like an Oompa Loompa in the photos. When booking your tanning appointment, ask for a spray tan that is aloe-based. This will help from drying out your skin. Hush Hush Tan is Dallas’ newest airbrush tanning studio and offers natural ingredient sprays that are aloe-based.

Photographers in Dallas
When selecting a photographer, be sure it’s one you trust, have seen examples of his/her work and feel comfortable. Perhaps even schedule an in-person meeting with them prior so you can meet and discuss specific shots you want to capture on the day. Some of the most popular photographers in Dallas who specialize in boudoir shoots are Rachel Elaine Photography, Zoe Dennis Photography and Dallas Boudoir, the beauty side of Jeremy Gilliam Photography.

As many of these specialized shoots are private, don’t expect to see gobs of photos on photographers’ websites, as they wish to respect the privacy of their clients. But an in-person consultation will allow you to convey your vision to the photographer ahead of time, so you can make the most of your photo-snapping session. If you have a wedding photographer already lined up, they may offer discounts or bundled packages that include boudoir portraits too.
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