I Take My Kool-Aid with Popcorn

You know a good movie when you see it, but it’s hard to describe in abstract. Good writing, good acting and good cinematography seem like obvious requisites, but sometimes one aspect is just so damn good that you’re willing to forgive the others being kinda shitty. It’s just as hard to say what makes cult classics: memorable characters, weirdness, the ineffable quality of camp. Either you just don’t get what other people see in them, or you’re obsessed with them and can quote entire scenes from any point in the movie. If you’re one of these cultists, then you’ll want to make it to Boylesque, Dallas’ all-male burlesque, as they present “Cult Classics,” featuring heroes and villains from the most cultish movies ever. Expect to see characters from Clue, Princess Bride and The Matrix, along with Elivra, Mistress of the Dark, Divine and Mister Rogers (aka the best dinner party guest list ever). Doors open at 8 p.m. at the Quixotic Theater, 2824 Main St., and the show kicks off at 9. Tickets are available at dirtyeventsdallas.com.
Sat., Sept. 14, 2013
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Luke Darby
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