Like A Surgeon

It started way back in 1979 with an accordion and a dream. "Weird Al" was a lowly college disc jockey with a strange sense of humor and questionable fashion sense. During a break from his radio show, Al went across the hall, accordion in tow, to the natural echo chamber that was the public bathroom and recorded what was to become the first of his trademark reworkings of Top 40 hits. This was "My Bologna," a hilarious take on The Knack's ubiquitous smash hit "My Sharona," which Yankovic then sent to everybody's favorite comedy radio show host, Dr. Demento. The tune got massive airplay and "Weird Al" was off and running. Since then, Al has come a long way, baby. With numerous albums and videos to his credit, he has earned a surprising level of respect among the artists that he tweaks. It's become a badge of honor to have one of your songs adapted by "Weird Al." And don't forget his criminally underrated 1989 movie, UHF, a wonderful exercise in bizarre cinema. Now you can bathe in his genius in person, when "Weird Al" Yankovic rocks the Verizon Theatre, 1001 Performance Place in Grand Prairie, at 8 p.m. Friday. Tickets are $39.75 to $49.75. Visit
Fri., July 16, 2010
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John Freeman