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Get Drunk for a Good Cause — Adorable Puppies

THE DOG IS SMILING. Melissa Hennings

Providing for pups and pounding pints, one of Dallas’ premier dog parks is pouring up cold ones for a cause.

Mutts Canine Cantina has teamed with Austin-based nonprofit Pints for Pups to raise both money and awareness for local animal shelter Paws in the City. The event will be from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday at Mutts.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Pints for Pups for such a great cause,” says Kyle Noonan, co-owner of FreeRange Concepts and creator of Mutts Canine Cantina. “We believe in giving back to the communities in which we serve, and since opening Mutts, we’ve had so many fantastic opportunities to help out the pups of DFW. We’re huge fans of the organization and their efforts to help out man’s best friend.”

Mutts will give out commemorative glasses for a $10 donation. Your new glass comes filled with the local brew of your choice, provided by Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and may be refilled for a paltry $5. All of the proceeds made from Deep Ellum beer sales during the event will go to Paws in the City.

The shelter was founded in 2005 to assist the thousands dogs and cats that end up shelters across DFW every year. Co-founders Becky Haisma and Tara Harper had hardly gotten Paws in the City up and running before rushing to help evacuate animals left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. Now the shelter is one of the largest animal rescue groups in DFW with more than 150 volunteers.

In 2017, more than 8,000 animals were euthanized at the Dallas Animal Shelter, more than three times fewer  than the nearly 30,000 animals euthanized by the city’s shelter in 2007. No-kill shelters such as Paws in the City, and events like the one Saturday, have made great strides in reducing the number of euthanized animals in DFW. Still, Paws in the City’s website says 200,000 animals are estimated to meet similar fates every year in shelters across DFW.
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