Nick Jonas Is The World's Next Education Ambassador

Nick Jonas. Sing it with us: Niiiiiiick Jonasssssss. You know him from that boy band of brothers. He’s the youngest one with the diabetes. He’s the one who dated Miss Universe. He’s also on that show Kingdom.

Well, put away your silly questions about music and life and love because he’s in town to talk about education and schools. He’s partnered with the teaching initiative Think It Up, a student-powered, teacher-led learning movement, where students and teachers brainstorm ideas for the classroom and DonorsChoose.org funds it. Why is Nick Jonas attached to this? Because he’s passionate about a lot of things, including connecting students and teachers in the classroom.

“I think the thing that was appealing to me about this was the partnership with people that seem really passionate about this initiative and getting other people involved in a major way in their own education,” he says. “It’s a beautiful thing when you can find new ways to be inspired and approach whatever it is in your life, specifically education, and I know that I would have benefited from something like this in a big way.”

But, like, did Jonas even go to school? Did he even like school? Does a former boy band-er turned solo pop star know anything about school?

“I went to school for awhile. Until fourth or fifth grade and then I was homeschooled,” he says.

Oh, OK then.

But did you like it, Nick? Did you like school? These are things keeping people up at night, Nick.

“To a certain degree. I was also working. I was doing Broadway shows in New York at the time, so I kind of [lived] a duel life between school and work, but it was good. I enjoyed it."

Jonas has plenty of things going on besides being an education ambassador. On Tuesday night, Fox's new show Scream Queens premiered, where Jonas plays a gay frat bro. He says he’s surprisingly played a lot of frat guys, including one in the upcoming movie Goat, where his character is a little bit more “harsh and gritty.”

You can get involved with Think It Up by donating to your local Staples or visiting its website.

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