Nitro Circus Will Laugh in Gravity's Fat Face at a Live Stunt Show In Dallas Next Year

Every kid with a bike wants to jump it off of something the minute they realized it belonged to them. Some of them stop having that dream as soon as they take one jump too many and scrape a knee, sprain an elbow or their third or fourth skin graft. Those who don't give up their dream of defying the laws of gravity become stuntmen and women in the Nitro Circus.

The stunt sports showcase that first found fame in MTV's post Jackass universe and a series of stunning stunt movies is currently on a live North American tour and they will make a stop at Toyota Stadium in Frisco on Saturday, May 23, 2015.

The collective of high-flying freaks is led by Travis Pastrama, the X-Games gold medalist and motocross legend. The stunt show started with a series of successful DVDs that showcased high flying stunts and tricks before making the jump to television, first on Fuel TV and then with a primetime Sunday slot on a revamped MTV. The shows feature more than just motocross and BMX riders flying in the face of physics with impressive and massive jumps from one ramp to another. Pretty much anything with wheels and a lack of friction can be seen flying across the floor of a stadium. Some of the past shows featured riders flinging themselves in the air on Razor scooters, wheeled skis and even rideable toy cars meant for toddlers and pre-teen kids. If it's possible to glide down a ramp on it and possibly suffer a debilitating injury that can take months of costly therapy to rectify, they are willing to ride it for your entertainment.

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