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Penelope Pan

What is it with Peter Pan always being played by a girl? Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan, then Cathy Rigby--all flying around the theater on wires like a heavenly marionette act. No wonder Peter doesn't want to grow up--he'd have to lose the tights and makeup and get a career job in a monkey suit. Guess that's the seduction of this 100-year-old literary treasure turned theater classic. J.M. Barrie has confirmed the existence of a Neverland where so many of us live in our fantasies, our dreams and, in the case of at least a few guys I know, reality. And it makes our lives soooooo much more interesting sharing that knowledge. Peter Pan runs through September 13 at Artisan Center Theater, 420 E. Pipeline Road in Hurst. Tickets are $6 to $15. For reservations and information, call 817-284-1200 or visit
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