No, that's not a dragon suit. He's a real magic dragon. Show some respect.
No, that's not a dragon suit. He's a real magic dragon. Show some respect.
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Go on a Magical Tour of Dallas with Piff the Magic Dragon's Latest Tour Vlog

You've already missed your chance to see Piff the Magic Dragon perform live unless you can afford to drop everything and go on a road trip to his next gig.

But don't worry, we've found the next best thing.

The Las Vegas comedy magician, who performs regularly at The Flamingo, and famed brother of that other famous magic dragon, Steve, stopped in town two weekends ago for a string of shows at the Addison Improv. But he didn't just spend all his time in his hotel room or a cave he found on Airbnb. He also visited some of Dallas' lesser-known but interesting destinations and locations before and in between his shows, as well as teamed up with a local charity for a noble and worthy cause.

Piff arrived in town via van and not his natural flying abilities. Am I stereotyping or can all dragons fly but just choose not to because of all the red tape surrounding FAA regulations? Either way, not judging.

Piff's showgirl assistant and comedian, Jade Simone, drove the grumpy dragon into town, and he couldn't have picked a better driver because Simone is a native to Dallas. Her tour duties consisted of telling Piff when they've actually crossed the city limits and showing him sights, like the famous "Dallas concrete wall." Of course, these mighty bridge abutments might seem impressive to a magic dragon, but it's become a common eyesore to natives since it's usually the only thing we can see while we're waiting for the North Texas Tollway Authority to just finish fixing 635 already.

Then Piff headed to Frisco to meet with Gearbox Software CEO and president and fellow magician Randy Pitchford, who gave him a tour of his and wife Kristy's game-themed Nerdvana coffee bar and restaurant. Piff also took a tour of the Pitchfords' medieval castle-style home, complete with magic library and mini-museum, towers and spiral staircases, which aren't suited for mystical creatures with tails.

Finally, Piff helped magician and cancer survivor Jim Munroe with a worthy cause. Munroe, a University of Texas starting pitcher turned debunker and touring magician who lives just outside Dallas with his family, was diagnosed with a rare and deadly form of leukemia but was able to beat it thanks to a life-saving bone marrow transplant in 2009. He's since teamed up with the national donor registry Be The Match to start his own viral charity challenge called Make Cancer Disappear in which he and his team raise awareness of the need for donors by challenging followers to post videos of themselves making cancer disappear "in a visual way." Piff and his other assistant, Mr. Piffles, filmed their own Make Cancer Disappear video at the Addison Improv, and as usual, Mr. Piffles stole the spotlight.

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