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Reality Stars, Exes To Compete In Celebrity Bartender Throwdown

Local celebrities are fun. And bartending competitions are super fun because it involves alcohol and tossing of cups and yelling “Get me a double vodka soda” over a loud karaoke rendition of “Uptown Funk You Up.”

But the official Celebrity Bartender Throwdown at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Snuffer’s in Addison will be the king of all fun things.

The two local “celebrities” in this “throwdown” are Jake Pavelka of The Bachelor fame and Meghan Jones from I Wanna Marry Harry. Pavelka is now an actor — his IMDb page includes The Bold and the Beautiful and The Burning Love. As for Jones, she says that while the reality show centering on trying to marry a Prince Harry lookalike wasn’t a huge success, it helped launch her career as a host on 103.7's morning show and The Broadcast.

But enough with all the boring stuff. What’s going to make this bartending competition different from all the other bartending competitions between two ex-reality stars?

Pavelka and Jones used to date!! What?! Exclamation marks! 

Jones says they haven’t seen each other since the break-up in 2011, so will this be awkward? Please tell us this is going to be awkward. Please. We asked Pavelka for specifics on the awkwardness.

“I don’t have any comment about that,” he says.

Oh, good. This should be fun. And by fun, we mean “a little bit uncomfortable but thoroughly entertaining.” Those were Jones’ words. We would never seek entertainment from this kind of thing.

And to add to the whole ‘they haven’t seen each other in four years,’ Pavelka also didn’t watch Jones on I Wanna Marry Harry.

“I did not,” he says. “I’ve actually never even heard of the show.”

Oh, boy.

The two exes will compete for the most tips and all of the profits will go to a charity of their choice — The Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas for Jones and the Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities for Pavelka.

But who will win? Who will get the most money for their charity? Whose signature cocktail will be on the Snuffer’s menu for 30 days? Who will get the ultimate bragging rights in the inevitable I Am Better Than My Ex Because I Beat Them In A Public Bartending Competition game?

Jones says she is confident she will win and even calls herself a “boozehound.” And Pavelka struck back by saying he doesn’t know who will win because he doesn’t really drink.


But he will have a ton of support there and he’s a people person and his signature cocktail is called Bachelor Rose, which is a strawberry mojito with a couple of special twists (???).

We cannot wait. See you there.
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