The Five Best-Worst Reality Shows of Dallas

The cat fights, the tears, the perpetuation of silly, useless stereotypes: Reality shows both rot our brains and, in our moments of weakness, bring us fleeting, empty joy. Or something. And since everything is bigger and better in Texas, it's no surprise that so many have been set in Dallas.

Want to relive it? No? Too late!

Big Rich Texas (above) One of the most successful shows to make it out of Dallas, Big Rich Texas follows seven sets of mothers and daughters who all belong to the Fort Worth country club Woodhaven. Cliches abound in episodes like "Botox & Billionaires" and "Not So Sweet Sixteen." Texans can take mild comfort in the fact that the show isn't soul-sucking as the Real Housewives franchise, which doesn't have a Dallas-based series -- yet.

The show finished its third season in January and will be back for a fourth.


DCC: Making the Team The Cowboys are threatening to relinquish their title as America's Team, but the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders remain America's Sweethearts. Every year, women from across the country pile on the makeup and squeeze into their best lycra outfits to compete for a coveted spot on the team. And thanks to CMT, viewers can catch all the high-kicks, tears, hairspray and a whole lotta yes ma'ams. There's some rampant vapidity, sure, but it does take talent to look good in underwear with your ankle by your head all, while smiling. Season 8 premieres this Fall.


Police Women of Dallas Oprah wanted to create a classy TV network to "entertain, inform and inspire people to live their best lives." Police Women of Dallas hasn't inspired me to join the force, but it is entertaining. Detective Angela and cops Cheryl, Tracy and Yvette bust criminals and gender stereotypes as they patrol the streets of Dallas. It's like Cops, but instead of slamming criminals to the sidewalk, they slam them with some motherly advice. Catch the show on either TLC or OWN.

The A-List Dallas After a successful season in New York, The A-List, a gay reality show, decided to have a spin-off in Dallas. It's "Housewives with Balls Y'all" -- the actual tagline.

It's not all gay-in-a-red-state stereotypes: Taylor Garret is a Republican fundraiser and Levi Crocker is a typical Texan former rodeo cowboy. But the show does your standard reality fair of gossiping, partying and fighting. The show lasted for only one season but you can still watch it online at where else but Logo.


Most Eligible Dallas Six social elite frenemies navigate North Dallas and general adulthood, and something resembling drama ensues.

A professional football player, an aspiring singer, family-business magnates, token gay and a southern belle make up the cast. The show premiered on Bravo in 2011 but failed to make it to a second season. Cast member Courtney Kerr received a spin-off, Courtney Loves Dallas, coming sometime this year. She's busy in the meantime saying horrible things on D-TV.

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