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You Don't Have to Wait for the Apocalypse to Shoot Zombies in Dallas

The Zombie Safari at Cousins Paintball Park lets you hunt for zombies without running the risk of becoming one.
The Zombie Safari at Cousins Paintball Park lets you hunt for zombies without running the risk of becoming one. Donald Iain Smith/Getty
The past two years may have felt like the world was ending, but there are still no signs of a zombie apocalypse. Still, it's better to be safe than sorry. Across Dallas-Fort Worth, some new paintball and laser tag experiences have popped up in which participants can practice taking down zombies and other monsters.

This year, we compiled a list of the best places to hide in Dallas in a zombie apocalypse, but if you simply can't wait until the day comes and you're the kind to go looking for trouble, the new trend sees paintball spots taking the practice to a next, final level.

If this next year is anything like last year, there’s no telling what sorts of pandemonium will take place. So get your practice in at these places and be ready in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Cousins Paintball
8975 FM 740 South, Forney

Inspired by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Zombie Safari at Cousins Paintball is set in a fictional federal correctional institution in which all personnel, including soldiers, officers, prisoners and members of the cleanup crew have been infected by a mutated strain of the coronavirus. Your mission is to drive specially outfitted Zombie Response Vehicles to hunt the zombies and stop the spread of the virus.

DFW Adventure Park
13055 Cleveland Gibbs Road, Northlake

Over in Northlake, paintballers at DFW Adventure Park can play a game of DFW Zombie Hunt. Paintballers will partake in a guided tour on a 5-ton army truck and trailer equipped with ammunition to take down zombies throughout the park.

Zero Latency
5100 Belt Line Road, Suite 510, Dallas

Technically, we’re already immersed in the world of the pandemic, so we’re not sure if Zero Latency’s VR games like “Outbreak Origins” or “Zombie Survival” will provide much of an escape. But nonetheless, this VR park allows you to place yourself in an apocalyptic world and protect civilians from zombies and other infected entities.

Paniq Room
5302 Belt Line Road, Unit B, Dallas

In the zombie outbreak room at Paniq Room, the world has come to an end, and you and up to six friends are the only survivors. Ravenous zombies walk among you, and you must make your escape to safety. On your mission, you must find keys, new spark plugs and some fuel to activate an old motorcycle and make your way to a new life.
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