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This New Dallas Theater Project Will Take Place in an Abandonded Crack House, Possibly Serve Food

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That property didn't stick. There were electrical issues. The walls had been ransacked for copper. Soon he located another West Dallas "drug-stash" and has now christened it the site of his new show, T.N.B. According to this afternoon's press release, previews begin the last weekend of May and are limited to audiences of 15. Those small groups will venture through the ancient residence together.

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The plot is loose and odd (in typical D.W.Z. fashion), and is described as "a world premiere site-specific performance installation inspired by indigenous healing rituals that works to exorcise the demons that haunt the African-American male."

The show also features an "identical" twin brother, played by white guy, Ochre House actor/puppeteer, Justin Locklear.


Riccio also mentioned his hopes of using the home's old kitchen to prepare food during the show, which nobody in their right mind will dare consume. Here's the entire press release:

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