$600 for Lip Fillers in Plano Is Exactly What Our Faces Need

Kimber Westphall

All you need is a big breath for some big lips.

We’ve all seen the mega-glam, mega-large lips spilling over our Instagram feeds. Although I like to think of Julia Roberts as the O.G. big-lip queen in the '90s, this trend is at an all-time 21st century high.

It’s not just lip liner and lip-plumping serums that do the trick now. Folks are getting their lips filled with a jelly-like substance made of hyaluronic acid. I’m not here to tell you if you should do it, the safety, the cautions or any of that. I’m just here to tell you I did it. I loved it. And here’s what went down.

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The before picture.
Kimber Westphall
My lips weren’t bad to begin with. I always thought they were supple-ish. I certainly never was self-conscious or thought twice about my organic lips. My biggest concern was feeding my Chapstick addiction and constantly hydrating the smackers. But seeing supple smiles becoming more common, I wondered what my lips would look like with a boost.

The good thing about lip fillers is they last nine months to a year. So they're not permanent if you hate them or regret getting them done. There even is a substance (Hyaluronidase) that can dissolve fillers immediately if you have remorse.

I had heard great things about Vitalize Medical Spa in Plano and had seen some of my favorite Insta-famous influencers post about it. So I called and headed up the Tollway for my $600 beauty pokes (about average, but  $550 up to $800 depending on the products used.)

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Vitalize Medical Spa in Plano made us feel comfortable.
Kimber Westphall
I walked in and immediately felt a sense of ease. First of all, the place smelled so heavenly, and it was clean, clean, clean. I have experienced med spas in the past that were a little less than desirable when it came to how sterile they felt, so this place passed the test with soaring colors. And when the aesthetician, Jess, greeted me, she was warm and had a calming sense about her. Maybe that was part of the job description: to calm nervous people like me when it comes to needles. Plus, she wasn’t overdone with med spa stuff, and looked like a natural beauty.

She sat me down, and began applying numbing cream to my lips. I was pleased I would be numbed for the injections.

After 30 minutes of the numbing cream doing its job, and my tummy flipping and flopping, it was time for the jabs. I don’t have a fear of needles, but I think it was just the fear of the unknown. Would a needle hurt worse on the lips?

I was being pretty dramatic with my breathing. Jess probably thought I was annoying, as I mimicked Lamaze class panting. But hey, I was going to do whatever I needed to get through it.

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It's fine, we are fine.
Kimber Westphall
The first poke happened and it wasn’t bad. I could feel a smidge of pressure, but I definitely wouldn’t call it a painful sensation. And at Vitalize Medical Spa, they have a whole bag of tricks to keep you distracted from any chance of pain. I used them all.

The only pricks that hurt were in the body of the lip. That’s the center part, and it makes total sense, as there are more nerves in that portion of the mouth.

After about 20 minutes, and a full syringe of fillers finding a new home in my lips, the procedure was complete. I felt my pits sweating as I unclenched the squeeze ball. I was glad my shirt was loose.

Jess provided me with a mirror to see if I was pleased with my new pout. I was so excited and felt like it was the perfect amount of plumpness, without changing the way I looked drastically.

She warned me I might have some mild bruising, but I could take Ibuprofen or Arnica to help with swelling. She also said that after the first couple weeks, the swelling would go down.

So, it’s been a couple days since the procedure and I love that they are a bit swollen and I don’t want them to deflate. But I know they will slightly and it will look even more natural when they do.

One thing I loved about this place is that they will tell you when enough is enough. I actually showed them photos of a girl with even bigger lips, and they simply told me that Vitalize Medical Spa is not the place for that because they don’t want their clients to look fake or overdone. When they told me that, my respect increased exponentially.

So, I lived to tell the tale of getting lip fillers. The biggest takeaway is that I felt safe, clean and confident in where I had it done.

There is nothing worse than being in a medical situation that doesn’t feel 100 percent right. You don’t want someone injecting foreign substances into your body if something feels a little off. But Jess was incredibly thorough with alcohol wipes. I saw her wash her hands multiple times and she never touched me, or the syringe, without gloves.

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Kimber Westphall
So now my Texas-sized hair matches my new Texas-sized lips.
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