Walls of Brazil

Even when confined to sepia tones and shades of black and white, a certain amount of colorful vibrancy exists in the photography of Marcel Gautherot. His lens captured a Brazil both ripe with promise and rooted in rich culture. In the late '50s, Gautherot's camera recorded construction of the newly appointed capital city of Brasilia as urban design embedded itself in lush jungle surroundings. Snapshots of Rio de Janeiro’s boisterous Carnival celebrations and various Afro-Brazilian street festivals are as much slice-of-life portraits as they are historical documents. As part of a joint exhibit, Gautherot's photographs share the gallery space of the Mulcahy Modern with the work of the Fleshbeck Crew. At some point, most modern metropolises become sprawling manmade easels for the more audacious paint slingers, and Rio de Janeiro is in the midst of a street-art renaissance. This Rio-based graffiti outfit works within a more distinct contemporary medium, from walls to cardboard, incorporating images of babies, ghosts and burning buildings into murals and stencil pieces. Marcel Gautherot's photographs and the Fleshbeck works are on exhibit now through August 5. The Mulcahy Modern is located at 408 W. Eighth St., in the Bishop Arts District. Call 214-948-9595.
July 13-Aug. 5
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Geoff Johnston